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The Happiness of Pursuit Arts Foundation was established in 2019 in Ontario, California by Sandy Acosta and Jose Atilano. As the Co-Founders of The Happiness of Pursuit Music Festival, they had already been actively involved in supporting local youth and creatives through mentoring, internships, volunteering, and creating a platform where the local arts and music communities could unite and engage.

After organizing the Festival for a few years, Acosta and Atilano recognized a strong ambition among local youths and creatives, including those facing various challenges. They realized that these individuals desired more than just a one-day annual event; they sought a dedicated space where they could learn, create, and access resources essential for pursuing their artistic careers.

With the invaluable support of individuals and businesses like yours, our ultimate objective is to establish a community center that will be accessible free of charge to local students, artists, and creatives of all backgrounds. This center will provide them with fundamental tools such as WiFi, printers, and computers, which they may lack access to at home. Furthermore, we will have mentors on-site to offer guidance and education, imparting valuable knowledge about diverse careers in both the creative and corporate realms.

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Our aim is to establish an inclusive platform that fosters creative expression, offering a safe haven for local youths who may lack the means to engage in after-school activities. By providing this space, we aspire to empower them to explore their talents, acquire knowledge, and shape their future endeavors.


Additionally, our annual Festival, along with a series of other carefully curated events, will provide participants with invaluable real-world experience, enabling them to develop their skills, expand their networks, and gain practical expertise. Through these initiatives, we are dedicated to nurturing a vibrant community where individuals can thrive and pursue their passions.


Our committed team of professionals will be present on-site to provide comprehensive assistance, unwavering support, and invaluable guidance to our students. Each member of our staff possesses extensive experience in the creative business realm, and they are all passionately devoted to imparting their knowledge and nurturing the growth of the next generation. By equipping our local community with the necessary resources and fostering connections, we firmly believe that we enhance their prospects of achieving success in their cherished aspirations.


We are thrilled to present a diverse range of engaging lectures and classes that cater to various interests. Our lineup includes expert-led sessions on invaluable topics such as entering the Music and Film Industries, mastering self-employment, effective money management, future planning, and so much more.

These sessions will be conducted by renowned specialists within our extensive network, as well as esteemed local and national celebrities, and successful business owners who are enthusiastic supporters of our cause. In addition to imparting their wisdom, our esteemed guests will also extend opportunities for internships and employment, providing a holistic learning experience for participants.

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